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BOOKED Television episodes are available on DVD! Join BOOKED host Fred Yackman and real Canadian crime professionals as they read hot new crime fiction with their trained and experienced eyes, and debate just how accurately the crime and forensic-related aspects were depicted. Each DVD is $14.99, and can be purchased securely online through PayPal by using the “Add to Cart” buttons.

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Published over 75 years ago, The Maltese Falcon is still considered one of the best crime fiction novels. How does it hold up under modern-day scrutiny? BOOKED experts delve into the world of the hard-boiled Sam Spade and meet a working private investigator.

Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Barry Hammond; Crime Writer, Janice MacDonald; Private Investigator Mike Straiton; Writer and former Lawyer, Geo Takach


This book had Japanese men fearing for their lives as in this novel a group of unlikely coworkers dismember their friend's husband in an effort to cover up his murder. BOOKED experts discuss the increasing role of women in violent crime as they dissect the story of four women drawn by a gruesome act into the underbelly of Japanese society.

Episodic experts: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Jonathan Alston; Journalist and Novelist, Rita Feutl; Literature Instructor, Melissa Jacques; Cultural Anthropologist, Mark Watson

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BOOKED experts discuss the role of mental illness in crime as they look inside the minds of Fossum's unusual characters and deconstruct Inspector Sejer's murder investigation.

Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Writer, Scot Morison; Homicide Detective, Cathy Oakden; Psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Ustina


BOOKED experts discuss terrorism and bomb threats as they follow Agent Bill Tasker as he tries to stop a terrorist from bombing Miami.

Episodic experts: Book Reviewer, Paul Bergen; Emergency Response and Terrorism Specialist, Ryna Brideau-Thombs; Explosives Technicial, Grant Jongejan; Police Detective, John McNeilly

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