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Mary E. Martin

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Final Paradox (2006)

Conduct in Question (2005)

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Final Paradox

Harry Jenkins, an honest lawyer, seeks truth and love in a world darkened by fraud and deceit. Years back, Elixicorp, a company developing a drug to forestall memory loss, defrauded millions from Toronto's elite. But since then, no one has been able to find the money. This long buried treasure has poisoned the lives of all who seek it.

His elderly client, Norma Dinnick, teeters between lucidity and madness in her dark world of paradoxical claims. When she instructs Harry to sue the other claimants for the Elixicorp shares, one of the litigants is fatally shot in open court at Osgoode Hall. The murder weapon is an ornate, silver pistol, which is both a means of betrayal and a gift of love. Peter Saunderson, an old acquaintance of Harry's from law school, surfaces to frame his own wife and lover with the courtroom murder and to implicate Harry in the scheme.

Harry and his father have been estranged for years. Stanley is found unconscious at the foot of his cellar steps, a gun in his hand. Waking from his coma, he asks Harry's forgiveness for a long-buried wrong. This ugly .38 calibre gun becomes the means whereby love and forgiveness is found.

Beset with questions, Harry turns to the beautiful Natasha who guides him to the answers and an understanding of the final paradox.

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Conduct in Question

Lawyer Harry Jenkins longs for freedom and love. Trapped under his senior partner’s thumb for years and in a dead marriage, he has nearly reached his breaking point. The city is haunted by the spectre of the Florist, a sadistic murderer with an artistic flair, who believes he is called to judge the worthiness of his victims. When his partner drops dead in the office, Harry is free to make his own mistakes. Almost immediately, he is swept into a massive money-laundering scheme by the enigmatic Mr. Chin and into a conflict with his wealthy client Marjorie Deighton. When he finds Marjorie dead, he senses foul play. Are the Florist’s murders and Mr. Chin’s shady dealings connected? Can Harry find the answers before the Florist strikes again? Fortunately, the beautiful Natasha is there to guide him to the answers.

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