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Experts Dissect Whodunits on Bravo TV Series
Edmonton Journal - January 25, 2007

"A backpacker is found stabbed to death in Nepal, and nervous police rule it suicide, but Paul knows differently ..." Full Story

Investigating fiction
Edmonton Sun - November 11, 2005

"What do you get if you combine the popularity of crime books and forensic TV shows - with an unabashed love of fiction? How about a brand new TV show ..." Full Story

Local dentist 'on the case'
Stony Plain Reporter/Grove Examiner - November 4, 2005

"He's a dentist in Spruce Grove by day - but sometimes, some days, he's a criminal investigator, an expert witness and now, a TV personality. Ronald Haines, a ..." Full Story

Reel Girls Media crime series "Booked" now airing
Keep it Rolling - October 2005

"Murder is a dirty business. Just ask experts in crime investigation - Reel Girls Media did. Crime writers often obtain some inspiration from learning true crime ..."
Full Story

Mystery buffs line up for a chance to dissect crime novels on TV
Edmonton Journal - October 30, 2004

"Reel Girls Media producer Jennifer Snyder suspected folks were crazy about their mystery novels, TV shows and movies, but now she knows for sure." Full Story


Press Releases

Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon gets "BOOKED" on ACCESS, Canadian Learning Television, BookTelevision and CourtTV Canada
November 2, 2005

Crime Experts get "BOOKED" in the latest production by Reel Girls Media
September 20, 2005

Get BOOKED @ and get reading!

August 15, 2005

Television Production Company offering Edmontonians the opportunity to get "BOOKED" in New Crime Fiction Series
October 12, 2004