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Q. What is a podcast?

A. Podcasts are like Internet broadcasts. The main difference between a podcast and a traditional broadcast is that with a broadcast, you must listen to it when it happens, but with a podcast, you choose when and where you listen to it. Podcasts are mp3 files that are automatically downloaded to your computer by means of an RSS subscription. Once you have the podcast mp3 file on your computer, you can treat it like any other sound file. Play it with your portable mp3 player, or listen to it on iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, or whatever software you use.

Q. Do I have to use an iPod to listen to podcasts?

A. Even though they're called "podcasts", you don't actually need to own an Apple iPod to listen to them. Anything that will play an mp3 will play a podcast.

Q. How does it work?

A. Podcasts make use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), podcast software, and your mp3 playing software. You connect your podcast software to the RSS feeds for the podcasts you want to subscribe to - like Then, when you click "update" in your podcast software, it checks the RSS feeds and tells you which ones have new podcasts for you to listen to. Then you pick and choose what you want to hear, and when. This is a simple, automated way to stay on top of all the podcasts you like.

Q: How do I subscribe to a podcast with iTunes?

A: iTunes is a great choice for listening to podcasts because it can get the podcasts for you and play them as well. To subscribe to the podcast, copy the podcast link (right-click the 'subscribe' button). Under the 'Advanced' menu is a 'Subscribe to Podcast' option. Paste the link into the window, and you're done. To access your podcasts, click the purple podcast icon in the sidebar menu of the iTunes music player.

Q: But I don't use iTunes!

A: Check the support site for the media player and podcast software that you do use. We have a listing of good podcast software on the podcasts links page.

Q: How do I listen to one podcast without subscribing to the feed?

A: To listen to a standalone podcast, click the listen button. To download the podcast for listening at another time, right-click the 'listen' button and save the link to your computer.

Q: What’s the difference between Webisodes, Video Podcasts, and Podcasts?

A: Podcasts and Video Podcasts are essentially the same thing, except that regular Podcasts are audio-only, and Video Podcasts have video.  Video Podcasts can only be played on a computer or on a video iPod; podcasts can be transferred to any mp3 player so you can listen on-the-go.  The best way to explain it is that a webisode is the video that you watch, and a podcast or video podcast is how you get that video.  A direct analogy from television is that an episode is the video that you watch and a broadcast is how your television gets that video.

Q: What’s the difference between subscribing to a Podcast or Video Podcast, and downloading it or watching/listening to it online?

A: When you subscribe to a podcast, your computer will automatically search for new episodes and download them for you so that you can watch them whenever you like.  This is the option to go with if you really enjoy Booked Interactive’s offerings, and want to make sure you don’t miss any of them.  You can also download each podcast episode from the website manually, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to keep and rewatch (this is probably the best option for non-broadband users).  Finally, you can just watch an episode online if you’re unlikely to want to watch it again.

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