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Ava Karvonen
Jennifer Snyder


Fred Yackman

Guest Experts

Roger Adkin
Jonathan Alston
Paul Bergen
Michael Billinger
Steven Bilodeau
Ryna Brideau-Thombs
Howard Engel
Rita Feutl
Kevin Galvin
David Goa
Kathy Grieve
Dr. Ron Haines
Barry Hammond
Melissa Jacques
Richard Jobin, Ph.D.
Dr. Wendy Johnston
Grant Jongejan
David Kunin
Janice MacDonald
JoAnn McCartney
John McNeilly
Scot Morison
Cathy Oakden
Curtis Rind
Joe Slemko
Felix Sperling, Ph.D.
Jack Stewart
Mike Straiton
Geo Takach
Dr. Judy Ustina
Mark Watson, Ph.D.


Roley Wight

Production Designer

Ray Fowler

Director of Photography

Wes Doyle



Graphic Design and Animation

Rat Creek Design

Literary Consultant

Scot Morison


Geraldine Carr

Post Production Coordinator/
Assistant Editor

Nicole Auser

Production Coordinator

Cynthia Taylor

Additional Photography

Daron Donahue
Trevor Wilson
Kim Clegg
Ava Karvonen

Access Studio Team

Jack Keech
Andy Stanton
Jay Sorenson
Leyton Clark
Ben Coxworth
Nelson Klymochko
Prosper Prodaniuk
Jeremy Sagar
Terry Tamura
Bruce Wiggins

Location and Post-Production Sound

Downy Karvonen
Jerry Krepakevich

Production Assistants

Kelly Chalifoux
Norm Drisdell
Amanda Jones
Christina Lanteigne
Clinton Letendre
Natalie Lucyk
Nathan Marshall
Angela Samol
Krystle Schmidt
Chester Sit
Lisa Stewart
Christine Weidlich


Brigette Blustein
Lauren Starko

Production Accounting

Dianne Goodacre

Stills Photographer

Dan Power

Post Production Facilities

Studio Post
Reel Girls Media


Linda Callaghan

Produced in Association with

Produced with the financial participation of the

Alberta Film Development Program
of the

The Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit Program



Produced with the participation of


CanWest Western Independent Producers Fund

Produced with the financial participation of

Executive Producers

Ava Karvonen
Jill Bonenfant

Producer for Access Media Group

Kern Goretzky

Special Thanks to:

Tito Margiotta
Jack Keech
Cam Forstey
Edmonton Police Services
Sonus Post Audio
Shannon Parsons
David Bunnin
Tom Turner
Laurie Greenwood
Volume II Books
Kari Atwell
Lee Bailie
Michael Barson
Ron Eckel
Chris Fallon
Nadia de Freitas
Fiona Harvey
Elizabeth Hazelton
Karen McMullin
Parmjit Parmar
Catherine Trippet
Amanda Urban
Lauren Hellen Whitney
Sean Yule
Lisa Zaritzky

Blackfly Season
© 2005 Giles Blunt.
Published by Random House Canada.
All rights reserved.

Blood Memory
© 2005 by Greg Iles.
Published by Scribner.
All rights reserved.

The Closers
© 2005 by Michael Connelly.
Published by Little, Brown and Company.
All rights reserved.

Cross Bones
© 2005 by Temperance Brennan, L.P.
Published by Simon & Schuster.
All rights reserved.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter
© 2004 by Jeff Lindsay.
Published in Canada by Doubleday, a subsidiary of Random House of Canada Limited.
All rights reserved.

Dark Places
© 2004 by Jon Evans.
Published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
All rights reserved.

He Who Fears the Wolf
© 2003 by Karin Fossum
Published in Canada by Harvill Press, a subsidiary of Random House Limited.
All rights reserved.

The Maltese Falcon
© 1929, 1930 by Alfred A. Knopf Inc.
Renewed 1956, 1957 by Dashiell Hammett.
Published in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited.
All rights reserved.

Memory Book
© 2005 by Howard Engel.
Published by the Penguin Group.
All rights reserved.

English translation copyright © 2003 by Kodansha International Ltd.
Originally published in Japan by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo, in 1997.
Copyright © 1997 by Natsuo Kirino.

Shock Wave
© 2005 by James O. Born.
Published by the Penguin Group.
All rights reserved.

Strange Affair
© 2005 by Eastvale Enterprises Inc.
Published in Canada by McClelland & Stewart Limited.
All rights reserved.

The Torment of Others
© 2004 by Val McDermid.
Published in Canada by HarperCollins Publishers Limited.
All rights reserved.

© Reel Girls Media 2005

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