He Who Fears the Wolf by Karin Fossum

Here are the discussion questions for this Karin Fossum novel featured on BOOKED. Be sure to check out the general Booked club questions posted on our web site.

  1. Quite often in crime fiction there is a strong distinction between good versus evil. Is this the case with Fossum's novel? How is this novel different from North American crime fiction?

  2. The Daily Mail states that Karin Fossum has been heralded as "Norway's Queen of Crime." What did you think of the author's style of writing? How about the work of the translator?

  3. The novel features a number of interesting characters and relationships; the cool and detached veteran cop Inspector Sejer, the reluctant companions Errki Johrma and Morten Garpe (aka Morgan), the possible love interest Dr. Struel and the delinquent overweight youth Kannick Snellengen. Which of these characters stood out for you and why?

  4. What did you think of Errki's evolving relationship with Morgan? Is Errki's backstory to his mental illness believable?

  5. There are lots of twists and turns to this story. Was this story a page turner? Why or why not?

  6. Were there any parts of the story that you found predictable?

  7. Fossum stated that as a crime writer you should "not make extremely clever plots, because in real life, they never are". Do you agree or disagree? How is this apparent in her novel?

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