Here are the general book club questions that can be used on their own or alongside the specific discussion questions provided for each novel showcased on BOOKED.

  1. What did you think of the novel and why?

  2. How did you feel about the characters? Were they believable? Who did you like or dislike and why?

  3. What did you think of the moral choices the characters had to make? What would you have done in the same situation?

  4. What did you think of the story line? How believable was it? Would this happen in real life?

  5. What did you think the author wanted you to feel or think about the story?

  6. Did the novel's ending surprise you? Why or why not?

  7. Did you enjoy the author's style of writing and use of language?

  8. Is the setting important to the story? If so, how?

  9. What themes were explored in the novel?

  10. Is there a message in the novel and if so, what is it?

  11. Are there any reviews about this novel and how do they compare to your own opinions?

  12. Did you have a favourite scene or line from the novel?

  13. How did this novel compare to the last novel your group read?

  14. On a scale of one to five daggers (five being the highest) how would you rate this novel?

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