Dark Places by Jon Evans

Here are the discussion questions for this Jon Evans novel featured on BOOKED. Be sure to check out the general Booked club questions posted on our web site.

  1. Time Out London describes Dark Places as "a well paced thriller with plenty of twists and some creepy moments that keep the pages turning". Do you agree or disagree? What did you like the best about the novel? The least?

  2. The premise of the novel - a serial killer stalking First World travelers backpacking around the Third World is quite unique in a mystery novel. Did you find it a fresh take on the genre?

  3. The lead character, Paul Wood, has a hard time with relationships and the deepest connections he makes with people is when he's traveling. What did this say about him? What did you think about Paul's relationships with his murdered girlfriend Laura and the Bosnian born web editor Talena Radovich?

  4. Early on in the novel we find out that the killer is a man who crossed paths with Paul in Cameroon a few years back. Were you disappointed to find out who the killer was so early on or was it refreshing? Was the killer believable as a psychopath?

  5. The Internet plays a big role in this novel. The anonymity of the Internet provides an opportunity for a group of individuals to come together to share pictures and stories of their murders on a site called The Bull. Is such a concept plausible? Or even believable? Do you think that the Internet facilitates criminal behavior?

  6. Once Paul discovers that authorities in the Third World countries where these victims are being found, have no interest in pursuing the killer, Paul turns to his back-packing friends for help. What did you think of their concept of vigilante justice? What would you have done in their place?

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