Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs

Here are the discussion questions for this Kathy Reichs novel featured on BOOKED. Be sure to check out the general Booked club questions posted on our web site.

  1. This is the 8th mystery novel from Forensic Anthropologist turned best selling author Dr. Kathy Reichs, featuring her fictional alter ego, Dr. Temperance Brennan. What did you think of the book? How did it compare to her previous novels?

  2. What did you think of the lead character Dr. Temperance Brennan? Did you find her attractive or appealing as a character? Is she believable?

  3. This book is set in Montreal, Israel and the West Bank with a premise that touches on biblical history and the black market antiquities trade. The mystery of the missing ancient skeleton from Masada takes Brennan into a tomb in the Kidron Valley that may have been the burial site for the family of Jesus. She discovers what she thinks could be the skeletal remains of Jesus Christ. What did you think of this premise? Are there any links in this book to recent or current stories in the media?

  4. As with Cross Bones, religious themes have become quite popular with other novels such as The Da Vinci Code and movies like The Passion of Christ. What do you think of these interpretations of religious history? Do they challenge faith? Or history? Does it trigger an interest in religion?

  5. The story reveals a lot of repartee and flirting between Brennan and her boyfriend, Detective Andrew Ryan. What did you think about the way the author depicted of her leading character's sexuality? Does it enhance or inhibit the story?

  6. The author gives detailed descriptions of forensic analysis including reconstruction of bones and bone fragments. What did you think of these details? Did they bog the story down or enhance it?

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