Blood Memory by Greg Iles

Here are the discussion questions for this Greg Iles novel featured on BOOKED. Be sure to check out the general Booked club questions posted on our web site.

  1. Author Greg Iles doesn't shy away from big issues in any of his works - race in The Quiet Game, religion in The Footprints of God and now, child sexual abuse. In an interview, Iles stated that his novels deal with "human psychology and evil". How is this reflected in Blood Memory?

  2. Vigilante justice and revenge are common themes in crime fiction. In this case, the abuse victims have waited a long time to exact their revenge. What did you think about these characters striking back at their abusers? Could you sympathize with them?

  3. The main character, Cat Ferry, is a Forensic Odontologist who works as a consultant with the New Orleans Police department and the FBI. She is intelligent but flawed. Not only does she battle manic depression and alcoholism, but she is also pregnant with her married lover's child. What did you think of her character? Is she believable?

  4. What did you think of Cat's relationships with the male characters; her married lover, Detective Sean Regan, FBI agent John Kaiser, Dr. Jonathon Malik, Dr. Michael Wells, her grandfather Dr. William Kirkland and his bodyguard/henchman Billy Neal? Which of them stood out for you and why?

  5. In the novel, Cat is apparently suffering from what Dr. Malik refers to as Repressed-Memory Syndrome. What did you think of the concept of repressed memory? Is it a legitimate theory?

  6. How did you respond to the author's acknowledgements at the end of his novel stating that he based his character Cat on several female sexual abuse victims? Did you think that he accurately depicted victims of sexual abuse? What about his portrayal of perpetrators of sexual abuse?

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