Blackfly Season by Giles Blunt

Here are the discussion questions for this Giles Blunt novel featured on BOOKED. Be sure to check out the general Booked club questions posted on our web site.

  1. Author Giles Blunt has penned three novels in the Detective John Cardinal series as well as a number of television scripts for shows like Law & Order, Street Legal and Night Heat. Did you think the author's TV writing had any impact on this novel?

  2. Of the many characters in this novel including the guilt ridden Detective John Cardinal, the psychopathic villain Red Bear, his ex-con sidekick Leon Rutkowski, the wanna-be poet and heroin addict Kevin Tate, his displaced sister Terri Tate and the dirty Mountie Alan Clegg, which ones stood out for you and why?

  3. The protagonist, Detective John Cardinal, is a good cop whose love for his wife led him to do something dishonest once and he's paid for it in guilt ever since. Did you feel empathy for Cardinal's situation? What did you think of him as a cop? As a husband?

  4. Author Giles Blunt grew up in North Bay, Ontario and now lives in Toronto. He spent over 20 years living in New York City, and has said that living in New York gave him enough distance from northern Ontario to see it through a very long lens. When he visits North Bay now, it seems exotic. How important was the landscape of North Bay (Algonquin Bay) to the telling of the story?

  5. There is a certain amount of gore in this novel. What did you think of the violence detailed throughout it?

  6. The author tackles entomology, ballistics, police investigation procedures, gang warfare, heroin addiction, neurological damage and manic depression. He's obviously done his research. Would you agree or disagree? Did his story feel authentic?

  7. Blunt plays with time in a sophisticated way using flashbacks and other devices to jump back and forth. He also presents an almost omniscient point of view by telling the story through the eyes of many different characters, minor and major. What did you think of his use of time and his style of writing?

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