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Mike Straiton is a private investigator and former police officer. "As a police officer, I was trained with respect to interviewing and understanding people, and my policing career gave me a rounded life experience that has been invaluable to my work as a private investigator."

When it comes to Sam Spade, Straiton clarifies a few things, "Relationships with the police in the early 20s and 30s was a bit more open. Police and private investigators could pass information on to each other without any consequences. Now, police are really restricted in the manner of information that they can provide to private investigators." Issues of confidentiality, privacy protection, and identity theft are not a part of Sam Spade's world, but they are a significant part of Mike Straiton's. "I can't broadcast or pass on information I obtain about a certain individual to anybody. As a private investigator I have to respect that privacy issue."

"Investigating missing persons is called a 'locate'. It's very common - people will call up and say 'I haven't spoken to my father in forty years, I'd like to talk to him', or 'I've lost track of an old friend'. The only way private investigators would really get tangled up in investigating a homicide case would be if they are working on a locate and determine that the person has disappeared in suspicious circumstances."

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