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"The worst thing that the Internet is being used for is child exploitation, and it's happening a lot. Sexual assaults of children are being broadcast online via webcam, and people are paying to see it."

--Steven Bilodeau

Steven Bilodeau is a Crown Prosecutor, specializing in technology and internet crime.

As a Canadian Crown Prosecutor, Bilodeau represents the Queen in court and presents a case on why someone should or should not be convicted. "The best part of what I do is that I can make decisions, important decisions every day. I can look at a file and decide for myself whether I think there's enough evidence there? Do I think it's in the public interest to go ahead with this case?" The worst part of Bilodeau's job is prosecuting child pornography and Internet luring offences (Internet luring is using the Internet to convince a child to meet an adult for a sexual encounter). "A lot of the work I do involves kids who have been exploited on the internet either through child pornography or through luring. It's difficult dealing with them knowing they've been exploited that way."

By specializing in Internet crime, Bilodeau works on the cutting edge of law. The criminal code was largely written in the late 1800's and of course says nothing on the subject of computer crime. Bilodeau says "sometimes you'll see that there's not an offence in the book to cover what the offender did."

Unfortunately for the perpetrators of internet offences, Johnny Law is keeping up. One of the many successful cases Bilodeau was involved in concerned complaints about a man going into Internet chat rooms and making obscene comments about children and animals. The police were having difficulty tracking him but a break came when they found him on-line. By "chatting" with him they were able to use the technology to track him across provincial lines to an internet café in Kamloops, BC and literally caught him with his hands on the keyboard. Bilodeau says "the last line of the transcript from the chat log is 'this is Constable so-and-so, one in custody.' We were able to prosecute him resulting in a one year jail sentence." In Bilodeau's opinion, "that's the long arm of the law."

If you're interested in becoming a Cyber Crime Prosecutor, Bilodeau's advice: "concentrate on becoming a good lawyer. It's court skills that really matter."

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