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“Because crime fiction brings together different elements of society and exposes their frustrations, conflicts and desires I found it an ideal format to examine the social and economical changes that are at the centre of modern life in China.”

Diane Wei Liang, Author

Diane Wei Liang was born in Beijing, China, and at the age of 14 knew she wanted to be a writer – an extremely dangerous profession in China at the time. Shortly after participating in the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, Diane moved to the US, and subsequently to the UK, and has spent the majority of her career as a business professor. A busy mother of two, Diane has finally realized a lifelong dream and now writes full time.

Diane is the author of the mystery series featuring Mei Wang, private detective – a strong, independent woman involved in a profession that is still illegal in China. “After all, women possess many traits that could make them excellent detectives: they are intuitive and observant. They are sympathetic to people’s feelings. They are good at networking and they are non-threatening.”

Her recent publication of Paper Butterfly marks the second installment in this series.


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