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"Some of my gay students committed suicide, became depressed, abused drugs, or engaged in high risk activities. It was time to create a hero who was ethical, a protector of children, and gay. It was a way to respond – through fiction – to the family values movement and some of its inherent bigotry."

--Author Garry Ryan


Gary Ryan is a mystery crime writer who proudly stages his stories amidst the urban prosperity, prairie borders and distant mountain ranges of his hometown of Calgary, Alberta. “I’ve lived in Singapore and visited other parts of the world, but there’s something unique about this place, this city. It gets into the bones. It could be the winters, the mountains or the fact that people from all over the world come here to live. Whatever it is, this place has a vibrancy and a rawness that other places in the world don’t.”

His novels, Queen’s Park and The Lucky Elephant Restaurant, follow the intrepid Detective Lane’s through Calgary’s underbelly as he struggles with crooked characters, an often homophobic police force, and his own painful past.

When not penning his novels, Ryan teaches creative writing to junior and senior high school students which creates for him “a kind of sharpened awareness of people and who they really are.” He adds that “I know that when the students don’t laugh at the part that I thought was funny, that I have to change it or make it better.”

He also enjoys the odd cold brew, and cheerfully fulfills the sporadic tasks assigned to him by his daughter.

Garry’s fans are looking forward to the fall of 2008 for the release of A Hummingbird Dance, his third installment in the Detective Lane Mystery Series.


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